Redefining Life in Crisis: A Personal Journey

A global health crisis stopped the world for a moment. Months and years have passed where many people had the chance to think about their future, health, relationships and career. I was definitely one of them. I knew that I wanted challenges that I am passionate about, but it was yet to be discovered what that meant.



Embracing Change

I have got the new challenges I wanted, as I was in the middle of my consulting job, putting my skills into practice to help other businesses to grow long-term and conducting team workshops to accompany the growth process. I loved what I was doing, but something was missing.



Merging Passion with Profession

What about if I just transfer my skills and my knowledge into the one work area I am most passionate about? Dancing. 

It sounded so simple, yet it took me years of working in an office by day and teaching dance classes and organizing workshops at night, to figure it out. How about bridging the gap between those two worlds? This is it. And it could not have happened without the long conversations with my first clients, who helped me figure out that this is the path to go.



Taking the Leap: The beginning of managing motion

We did it. I quit my job and went full in. A lot of bureaucracy to set up the Company, but Managing Motion was officially launched. Papers are all signed and we’re toasting to what is ahead of us! A journey we look forward to exploring. 



Rapid Growth: The Evolution of Managing Motion

Half a year has passed since Managing Motion became a Company and many things happened. Since day one we have been working closely with our Clients together – so much that we did not really have the time to think about our web presence. 

In July, our web designer Yannic joined the team and took on an immense project by creating Managing Motion’s website – in 3 days!



Expanding Horizons: Managing Motion’s Growing Influence

More and more people are getting aware of Managing Motion’s existence and we’re starting to expand our service offerings. Especially the WHY Session is getting a lot of attention, allowing us to better connect to our audiences and tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. 



Strategic Growth: Charting the Future of Managing Motion

The workload is increasing quickly and Vanessa has to make an important decision – how do we want to grow in the future? 

As the bundling point of management and marketing services for creative humans, that means Managing Motion needs to bundle a lot of expertise in a diverse field. 

That is why in November, we onboarded Natalie to our team. An absolut expert in online business management & communication automation processes.



Emerging from the Shadows: Managing Motion’s Story

One year has passed and we learned so many things. One of the learnings was that we’re hiding too much in the dark. Our social media presence is little, as we were allocating all of our time to our customers. So our New Year’s resolution was pretty clear – come out of the shadows, and start telling our story to the world!

Our Future